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James H. Vernon School

Address: 880 Oyster Bay Road, East Norwich, NY 11732
Main Office: (516) 624-6562
Fax: (516) 624-6522
Interim Principal: Mr. Martin Nelson             
Asst. Principal: Ms. Anastasia Smith
Grades: 3 - 6

Photo of James H. Vernon School building
If your child is absent for any reason, parents must call the Attendance Line no later than 9:00 AM. This number may be called 24/7: (516) 624-6568

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Vernon Hosts Third Grade Multiplication Bowl

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February 15th marked James H. Vernon School’s 12th Annual Multiplication Bowl for third graders. Students have been working for months on mastering their multiplication facts. On game day, third grade classes went head-to-head to determine the multiplication champions. Teacher-coaches worked tirelessly to make sure students were ready for the big day. This year’s multiplication champions were Mrs. Friedman and Mrs. Spelatis’ third grade class! Congratulations to all the third grade students for their effort and persistence in becoming multiplication masters.

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Date Added: 2/16/2024

Vernon Students Host Atlantis Project Symposium

Collage of students standing in front of their projects (Left- Van Goh Project; Right- Whale Project) thumbnail254195
Students enrolled in the Atlantis Program at James H. Vernon School recently showcased their independent study projects during the school’s Atlantis Project Symposium. Family members were invited into the Vernon gymnasium to view the projects on display and speak with the students about their work.

The Atlantis Program, led by teacher Joanne Loring, is an enrichment program for Vernon students in grades 4-6 who qualify. At the start of the school year, these students were challenged to pick a research topic that interested them and to formulate a strong research question that they could seek answers to. The students produced questions such as “why is learning about Ancient Egypt important to modern society?” and “why is it important to understand how marine animals communicate?”

Students had a different focus based on their grade level. Fourth graders focused on learning the steps of the independent study project process and creating strong research questions. The fifth graders focused on how experts think about doing their work and returning sixth graders focused on making projects for action that could affect the community.

Each student approached their research question differently and showcased their findings through the medium that they liked best. Some created Google sites to highlight what they learned, while others created tri-fold boards and books. During the symposium, family members walked around the gymnasium and asked the students questions about their project. The event was a great way to showcase to the community all that the students learned.

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Date Added: 1/18/2024

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