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Special Services

Department Head: Lynette Abruzzo, Director of Special Services
Phone: (516) 861-3200
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Nicole Friedman, Assistant Director of Special Services
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The Department of Special Services includes many levels of services. We first seek to assist students through building level interventions and support. We believe all students should be given the opportunity to access the general education curriculum with supports before being evaluated for special education.

The largest responsibility of the department is to oversee the educational needs of students with disabilities. The identification of students with disabilities and the planning for appropriate services to meet those needs involves many people. The range of services provided within the district include related services (speech-language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and counseling), resource room, inclusion programs and self-contained special education classes. For needs that cannot be met within our district programs we utilize BOCES programs and other neighboring schools.

Support services for students and parents who are concerned about their child’s mental health as it relates to academics, adjustment, or socialization in school are available. Our school psychologists and social workers are available to help support students who may have these needs.

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