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Contact: Ms. Tami McElwee, Director of Humanities K-12 
Phone: (516) 624-6534

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The OBEN Humanities Department allows our students to take an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the complexities of the human experience. Put simply, the humanities help us understand and interpret the roles individuals play in societies throughout time. It is the vision of the Humanities Department to make learning more meaningful for students. When students are given the opportunity to build connections between individual subject areas, the subject matter becomes more relevant. By taking a wholistic approach to studying the complexities of human interactions, students are encouraged to make connections between various facets of their studies.

It is the mission of the OBEN Humanities Department to help students develop an increasingly complex set of 21st century advanced literacy skills to access social and economic opportunities. Advanced literacies refer to the competencies that enable communication, spoken and written, in increasingly diverse ways and promote the understanding and use of text for a variety of purposes. Likewise, they make way for participation in academic, civic, and professional communities, where knowledge is shared and generated.