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World Languages

Department Head: Renata Anqa, Supervisor
Phone: (516) 624-6552
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The Oyster Bay-East Norwich World Language Department invites you to join us in inspiring, sharing and instilling a unique passion for learning languages. The World Language program aims to cultivate, nurture, and develop world citizens with an appreciation of a global and diverse society.   Students may study French, Mandarin Chinese or Spanish in grades 7-12, and ASL in grades 9-12.  In grade 6 all students receive daily instruction in Mandarin Chinese



Beginning in 2023-24, NYS schools will begin the integration of the revised NYS Standards in World Languages.  While the standards continue to address communication and cultural perspectives, the revised standards focus on integrated skills across the three modes of communication (interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational) using authentic resources. In addition, cultural connections and comparison are made by examining the practices, products, perspectives. 


For more information about the revised standards, click here.


WLES - Grade 5 Mandarin

The fundamental goal of the World Language in the Elementary School (WLES) program is to create opportunities for ALL students to become active participants in communication, expression, and the negotiation of meaning in a world language for 45 minutes every day. The Mandarin program provides authentic quality instruction with a focus on developing listening and speaking skills and an awareness of Chinese culture. Instructional methods including visuals, manipulatives, and realia are a crucial part of the WLES classroom, and the typical lesson plan includes songs, dance, rhymes, games, play-acting with puppets, and other age-appropriate physical activities.

WLEX - Grade 6 (French, Mandarin, Spanish)

The World Language Exploratory program (WLEX) aims to introduce students to language learning, build awareness and appreciation of other cultures, develop an appreciation for the value of learning another language, and increase motivation for future language study. WLEX construction is focused on basic communication in a world language through visuals, manipulatives, realia, songs, rhymes, games, role-playing, and other age-appropriate physical activities. ALL students will be exposed to one of three languages (French, Mandarin, and Spanish) for 45 minutes daily for 12 weeks. This approach helps students decide which language to study in grade 7. 



Beginning in grade 7, students study Mandarin Chinese, French, or Spanish.  At the conclusion of 8th grade (level 1B), students will take the FLACS Checkpoint A exam which, along with the successful completion of grades 7 & 8 will grant students the first credit of high school World Language required for graduation.   For more information about the FLACS Checkpoint A exam, click here.

Students may enroll in level 1 of American Sign Language upon entering grade 9.


CHECKPOINT B (Levels 2 & 3)

Beginning in grade 9, students continue to level 2 of the language.   

In grade 10, students enroll in level 3 of the language and take the FLACS Checkpoint B exam. Upon the successful completion of this sequence, students earn credits towards the Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation. For more information about the FLACS Checkpoint B exam, click here.


CHECKPOINT C (Levels 4, College & Advanced Placement)

Following the successful completion of the Checkpoint B sequence, students may enroll in the fourth and fifth year of language study via a level 4 and/or college level course.  Students studying Spanish may also enroll in the AP Spanish Language & Culture course. 

Oyster Bay High Schools offers college-level courses through a partnership with Stonybrook University. 



Heritage learners of Spanish are students who have learned Spanish from their families.  Heritage students tend to have stronger oral language skills than academic reading and writing skills.   The Heritage language sequence aims to refine academic language instruction for heritage learners. 


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