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Department Coordinator: Lisa McGuiness, Transportation Coordinator
Phone: (516) 624-6501
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The Oyster Bay-East Norwich Central School District provides busing to all students in grades K-6 and to students in grades 7-12 who are more than ½ mile from Oyster Bay High School. Our current student transportation company is Hendrickson Bus Company, (516) 628-1800.

All students are required to have a bus pass when they board the bus. Only students assigned to a particular bus route will be allowed to board on that bus.

For the safety of the students, all buses have been equipped with cameras.

Students must be at their assigned bus stops at least 10 minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive. The drivers are unable to wait at the bus stops for late children. 

NYS Education Law requires that parents/guardians of resident students who plan to attend a non-public school and wish to receive transportation services must apply prior to April 1st for the following school year.