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English, Reading & Library Media

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The OBEN English, reading, and library departments are committed to cultivating our young scholars' curiosity. Through the study of authors' divergent perspectives and treatments of universal themes, our young scholars, armed with an ever-increasing understanding of rhetoric, grapple with ideas, conduct research, explore their own underlying assumptions, refine and share their perspectives, practice dialogue, and engender in themselves the habits of empathic, informed citizens. We aim to equip our students with the creative and critical thinking skills necessary to thrive beyond high school as creators and consumers of content in a society transformed by the globalization and democratization of information sharing.

Department Programs & Services

Academic Intervention Services (AIS)

In an effort to help all students be ready to start college or a career when they graduate, the New York State Department of Education requires school districts to design a procedure for determining which students, of those who scored below the median scale score between levels 2 and 3 on the state ELA assessments in grades 3 to 8, should receive AIS. In addition to reviewing each student's state test scores, teachers in the Oyster Bay - East Norwich Central School District review multiple measures of student achievement, including reading benchmark assessments, writing samples from student portfolios, course grades, and teacher recommendations based on reading and writing conferences. Parents of students who are offered AIS are notified in writing.

Stony Brook University ACE Program

Oyster Bay High School offers 12th grade students who enroll in College English the opportunity to earn 6 core English credits from Stony Brook University for the courses Intro to Fiction and Intro to Film. The cost for credit from Stony Brook University is $300 per course. Click here for more information about Stony Brook University's Accelerated College Education (ACE) program.