• Message from Ms. Sharon Lasher, Principal

    Principal Lasher  

    School is NOT closed, just the building is…… 

    I hope this finds you and your family healthy and safe. 

    Please know we continue to monitor the progress of our digital learning each day.  The feedback we receive from students and families is invaluable and used to help us make revisions and enhancements to our learning platform as we move forward.  

    What remains most important is to keep our students engaged and connected to their learning.  Please make sure your child is logging into their Google Classroom accounts daily to stay current with their learning and their assignments.  As we know, Regents exams have been canceled by New York State for this year; however, learning the material in each subject area is still important.  We will continue to provide meaningful assessments and feedback for your child(ren) as they move forward in the curriculum.

    We are all so disappointed to learn this week that both Nassau and Suffolk counties have canceled the spring sports season.  While none of us are surprised by this decision at this time, we all held onto a glimmer of hope for our student-athletes, especially our seniors.  Mr. Trentowski and I are already looking at ways to keep the spirit of athletics alive and to recognize those who would have completed their senior year in each of our spring sports programs.    

    While academics are our primary focus, I truly believe the social and emotional well-being of each student is so important during this difficult time.  As I have shared with you in previous emails, our support staff of school counselors, social workers and our school psychologist are all working hard to help our students get through this very tying time.  If your child is struggling, please reach out to any of us and we will connect you to the right staff member.  If your child has suffered a loss and/or if illness has struck your loved ones, please reach out to your school counselor.  We can help your child through this and recommend him or her for outside counseling, which is provided on a virtual basis during this time. 

    My assistant principals and I are in the process of putting together a few social activities that we will be sharing shortly.  Each activity is designed to connect the students to each other and to their teachers and administrators who miss them so much.  I will notify you via email when the dates and times are finalized.

    Please say safe and continue to follow the appropriate social distancing policies put into place by the State of New York.  Below, please find a few fun and interesting things to do with your family while you remain at home. Please reach out with any and all concerns. 

    Sharon Lasher, Principal

    slasher@obenschools.org                              (516) 624-6524






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