The OBEN Science and Technology Department nourishes scientifically literate thinkers who use technology to design solutions to challenging problems. Authentic experimentation is used to guide students’ continual growth in scientific design, analysis, reading, computational thinking, and writing. Our goal is to instill a love of science and technology in our students while empowering them with the knowledge and skills to critically question familiar concepts and generate new ideas that benefit the world around them.


    Through inquiry-based instruction, teachers are able to:

    Welcome curiosity.

    Encourage a spirit of healthy questioning.

    Emphasize the importance of keeping an open mind.

    Teach that though scientific knowledge is reliable, it is subject to change as we continue to explore.





    Our students make observations, test ideas, ask questions, wrestle with unfamiliar and counterintuitive ideas, and see the advantage of thinking another way.  Science is as much about understanding a way of thinking and doing, as it is about a body of knowledge.  One cannot separate knowing from finding out.