2020-21 Budget Information

    Due to the pandemic, the 2020-21 school budget vote and trustee election will be conducted by absentee ballot only. All qualified voters in the District will receive an absentee ballot with a postage-paid envelope to mail back to the District Clerk.

    Please see our budget brochure at the tab on the left for more information on our proposed 2020-21 budget.  Please complete your absentee ballot after reading the budget brochure.

    The deadline for absentee ballots to be mailed back to the District has been extended Tuesday, June 16. To ensure your vote is counted, please mail your completed ballot a few days prior to this deadline.

    Below is our budget timeline for the 2020-21 Budget discussions and vote. Please refer to the tabs on the left for important information on budget presentations, voter registration and other updates as we move through the budget process. 


     budget timeline