• We are pleased to report that the 2018-19 school budget and all propositions passed. 

    Here are the results:

    Proposition #1 School Budget 

    Yes votes: 756

    No: 275

    Passing rate 73%

    Proposition #2 Capital Reserve Fund Expenditure

    Yes: 774

    No: 244

    Passing rate 76%

    Proposition #3 Expenditure of Funds for H.S. Auditorium Air Conditioning

    Yes: 768

    No: 254

    Passing rate 75%

    Proposition #4 Establish a Capital Reserve Fund Known as a Technology Reserve

    Yes: 746

    No: 275

    Passing rate 73%

    Board of Education Trustee Election:

    Congratulations to Mrs. Nancy Castrogiovanni and Mrs. Maryann Santos who were elected to serve as Trustees on the Board of Education. They received 634 votes and 623 votes, respectively.

    Thank you for your support!