• OBHS is offering review sessions in Algebra 1, Earth Science, English, and Living Environment based on the schedules below. Zoom links for the sessions are posted in the Google Classrooms.  Students who wish to attend the review sessions should enroll in the Google Classroom using the course codes below.

    Algebra 1 Regents Review (Lazar/Pimentel) Google Classroom Code: mrzdwyv
    Regents Exam Date: June 23rd
    6/15     6:30-8:30pm
    6/17    6:30-8:30pm
    6/22    6:30-8:30pm

    Algebra 1 Spanish Regents Review (Alteri) Google Classroom Code: g5mbu7p
    Regents Exam Date: June 23rd
    6/7    6-8 pm
    6/14    6-8 pm
    6/17    6-8 pm

    Earth Science Review Google Classroom Code: wnk3ef3
    Regents Exam Date: June 24th
    6/7     6-8 pm
    6/9    6-8 pm
    6/16    6-8 pm

    English Review Google Classroom Code: io3qkkx
    Regents Exam Date: June 17th
    6/8    6-8 pm
    6/10    6-8 pm
    6/15    6-8 pm

    Living Environment Review Google Classroom Code: u2d6ezc
    Regents Exam Date: June 22nd
    6/9    6-7pm
    6/10     6-7pm
    6/16     6-7pm
    6/17     6-7pm

    Please encourage students to take advantage of these opportunities to prepare for upcoming examinations.