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     Striving for Excellence in Education                       Volume 11, Issue 10, 11-4-2016 


    Halloween Parade


    The Halloween Parades always lift the Spirits


    Every year, the Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School and the James H. Vernon School present Halloween parades in the halls and fields behind the schools.  This year the Vernon  parade began at 9:15 am and the Roosevelt parade began at 10:15 am.  Every student in each school participated as did the faculty and administration.  Parents and friends turned out in the hundreds to support the young costumed children.  This year, the parades were held on Monday, October 31.  Everyone had a wonderful time.


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  •  Sagamore Hill


    OBHS Runners Follow in the Footsteps of Greatness


    Imagine running along beautiful scenic trails that snake along the picturesque Long Island Sound....the same trails and paths that a president of the United States and his family once strolled on.  Soon, members of the Oyster Bay Middle School Cross Country team may be using the grounds of Sagamore Hill as their home cross country course.  The team has been given this unique opportunity thanks to the suggestion of Mr. Martin Christiansen, Chief of Interpretation, Visitor Services, and Natural...


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