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     Striving for Excellence in Education                       Volume 11, Issue 9, 10-28-2016 

  •  Red Ribbon Week



    Board Appreciation & Red Ribbon Share a Week


    The week of October 24, 2016, was designated by New York State as School Board Appreciation week.  Members from the Parent / Teacher Associations presented each Board member with a pie at the October 18 meeting.  Members of the Board of Education work many long hours and assume an awesome responsibility without any monetary compensation at all.  The District and community appreciates and is grateful for the OBEN Board members.  The Board members were invited to spend the week visiting classrooms and events held throughout the District during the week.  The Social Workers in... 


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  •  TR Watch



    An Encounter and Keepsake from Theodore Roosevelt


    OBHS Math Teacher Amy Michalopoulos’s Great Grandfather Ralph Bilby documented an encounter with Theodore Roosevelt that deeply influenced his family.  Here is Mr. Bilby’s account: One incident that had a considerable influence on my family related to my father-in-law, E. M. Mansfield.  He spent most of his life as a cattleman and rancher.  He owned ranches in southern Utah and northern Arizona, but for many years he was superintendent of the Grand Canyon Cattle Company that ran cattle on the north rim of the Grand Canyon in Houserock Valley and up in VT Park.  One summer when they were...


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