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    Imagine running along beautiful scenic trails that snake along the picturesque Long Island Sound....the same trails and paths that a president of the United States and his family once strolled on.  Soon, members of the Oyster Bay Middle School Cross Country team may be using the grounds of Sagamore Hill as their home cross country course.  The team has been given this unique opportunity thanks to the suggestion of Mr. Martin Christiansen, Chief of Interpretation, Visitor Services, and Natural Resources at the Sagamore Hill National Historic Site and father of 7th grade cross country runner Felix Christiansen.  


    In September, Mr. Christiansen reached out to OBEN Schools Athletic Director Kevin Trentowski and Coaches Kevin Cotter and Christopher Weber with an offer to the use the grounds of Sagamore Hill as a location for middle school cross country meets.  Currently, Oyster Bay is unable to host any meets due to the limited size of the grounds surrounding the High School.  Middle School Cross Country races are 1.5 or 2 miles in length.


    The cross country team recently visited Sagamore Hill to train and run on the proposed cross country course.  According to Coach Weber, “the team is thrilled at the prospect of hosting a home cross country meet at Sagamore Hill.  I think Teddy Roosevelt would certainly be pleased having the grounds of his home used for such a purpose.”  Thanks to this wonderful opportunity, future Oyster Bay cross country runners will call home a truly exceptional and inspiring running course.


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