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     Striving for Excellence in Education                       Volume 11, Issue 8, 10-21-2016 


    100 Mile Run

    Join in the Century Run for Charity


    The newest member of the Oyster Bay – East Norwich Physical Education and Health Department, Mr. John Brush has made quite a difference in the OBEN community.  Many have benefited from the Young Grapplers wrestling program he started last year.  Mr. Brush is committed to finding new and innovative ways to get students excited about fitness.  His latest project does just that while benefiting a charity as well.  Here is what Mr. Brush has this to say about the “Century Run to Benefit Veterans.”  “At the beginning of the year, I challenged...


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  •  Lunge With a Reach

    New Innovations in Instruction


    The Oyster Bay High School physical education program received a makeover this summer in the form of a new curriculum, focusing on differentiation of activity and lifelong health and wellness. The effort was spearheaded by Mr. Charlie Rizzuto and Mr. John Brush.  To ensure that students are exposed to as many activities as possible during their time here at Oyster Bay, activities like Rugby, Jai–alai, Broomball, Netball, Golf, Spikeball, Ki-o-rahi and Quidditch have all been added, as well as many others.  Some of those games may sound familiar, while others may be new to most people, which is no...


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