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    The newest member of the Oyster Bay – East Norwich Physical Education and Health Department, Mr. John Brush has made quite a difference in the OBEN community.  Many have benefited from the Young Grapplers wrestling program he started last year.  Mr. Brush is committed to finding new and innovative ways to get students excited about fitness.


    His latest project does just that while benefiting a charity as well.


    Here is what Mr. Brush has this to say about the “Century Run to Benefit Veterans.”


    “At the beginning of the year, I challenged several students to complete a 100 mile run before Veterans Day.  Wrestlers Keith Cassar and Michael Leandrou both pushed themselves as well as pushed myself and Coach Francisco Pereira to complete our 100 miles before then end of September.  On September 30th, the four of us finished our 100 miles running from OBHS to the American Legion in Oyster Bay.  There we were met by several members of the Oyster Bay chapter of the American Legion.  When we arrived at the American Legion both wrestlers were awarded with plaques for their outstanding performance.  My two sons, JJ and Ryan also joined us for the last stretch of the run.  This was a great event that has so far raised close to 3,000 dollars for Long Island Veterans.  All money raised will be donated to the 9-1-1 Veterans Charity.  


    The event is still going on until Veterans Day. 


    Students and family members can still participate.  


    If you have any questions, please, let me know.” 


    Mr. Brush can be reached at jbrush@obenschools.org








    Click here for more information on getting involved in the Young Grapplers program

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