• Criminal and Civil Law I


    This course is an introduction to the basic concepts of the American criminal and civil law systems.  In criminal law, topics include the organization and functions of the criminal justice system, the role of corrections in the legal system, the role of the police in the legal system, and the rights of society vs. the rights of the accused.  In civil law, topics include the nature of torts, family law, and contract law.  Career opportunities in the field of law are also discussed.  Mock trials are incorporated into the curriculum.


    Criminal and Civil Law II


    (Prerequisite:  Criminal and Civil Law 1)  This course is the second part of the study of the U.S. legal system and the people involved in it.  This course emphasizes the study of controversial legal issues that impact the lives of American citizens.  Debates, seminars, simulations, and mock trials are utilized to highlight the legal principles involved in such issues as gun control, privacy, confessions, right to counsel, and civil rights.  Students engage in research projects, utilizing significant law cases, primary documents, and personal testimonies.