• Dear Friends,

    Become a Member of the "Friends of the PAC."

    PAC = Oyster Bay High School Performing Arts Center

    Let me know if you're available.


    Michael Bibla



    Yes, you can make a difference.  Look what the Friends of the PAC have already accomplished...

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    I would like everyone to take advantage of a very awesome program which is not very well known. It is called High 5 Long Island and is run by the Long Island Arts Council in Freeport. Any Student between the ages of 13 - 19 can join and they and their families can attend certain venues on Long Island for just $ 5 per person. The Tilles Center at CW Post is just one venue that is part of this program. We have been to many an event at Tilles over the years - have only spent $ 20 dollars for 4 tickets and have sat in the $ 60 + ticket seats. It is a gift for the families in this area since we are so close to Tilles - and it is for ANY event. The only requirement is that the Student must be with you and is limited to 3 additional people. Also the tickets cannot be bought in advance, so on the night of any performance you call Tilles ask if seats are available and just show up. That simple. Here is the link:


    Everyone should join.


    Stay active it's for the good of our children.