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  • The Rotary Club Directly Benefits our Children


    One of the biggest events in Oyster Bay is the annual Oyster Festival.  In fact, for the past 32 years, the Oyster Fest has been Long Island’s largest waterfront festival.  In 2012, the Oyster Bay Oyster Festival was recognized as the best annual event/festival on Long Island.  This year’s Oyster Festival will be held on Saturday, October 15, and Sunday, October 16.  Admission is free.  On Saturday, October 15 the festival will run from 11 am to 6 pm.  The festival continues on Sunday from 11 am until 6 pm.  The main stage will be buzzing with top flight entertainment all weekend including Oyster Bay’s own phenomenal talent, Charlie Dane.


    The Oyster Fest, which is run by the Oyster Bay Rotary Club, brings a lot of revenue into the community.  The school children of Oyster Bay-East Norwich are direct beneficiaries of some of the funds.


    The Rotary Club, through The Dictionary Project (http://www.dictionaryproject.org), buys enough dictionaries to give one to every third grader in the district.  On Tuesday, September 13, Rotary Club President Walter Imperatore and Rotarian W. Michael Smith visited the James H. Vernon School with brand new dictionaries to distribute to all the 3rd grade classes.  Mr. Smith is a Field Agent for Knights of Columbus and can be reached at 516-476-0962.  Mr. Imperatore is Senior Vice President for Renaissance Property Associates and can be reached at 516-622-8215.


    Mr. Smith told the children of the Oyster Bay East Norwich public schools that these dictionaries come with a warranty.  From now until the children graduate from high school, the Rotary Club will replace dictionaries for any child that needs a new one.


    Inside the cover of each book is a message from the Rotary Club; a Four-Way Test of things we think, say or do.  The test asks the reader to consider these things for (1) is it the truth, (2) is it fair to all concerned, (3) will it build good will and better friendships, and (4) will it be beneficial to all concerned?  Mr. Imperatore added that if the children don’t know what some of these words mean, they can look them up in the book.


    The students were very excited to get their books and could not wait to sit down and start reading through them.


    When you come out to the Oyster Fest this October, know that you will be helping the Rotary Club continue to do good things for the Oyster Bay Community.


    Here is a list of how the funds raised have been used:


    • Multiple High School Scholarships for Local Seniors
    • Scientific Calculator Program OBHS
    • Dictionary Project Grade 3
    • Honor Society Luncheons for Graduating Seniors
    • B.O.B. Summer Program for Teens
    • Annual Senior Italian Dinner
    • Girl Scout Bay Association
    • Youth & Family Service
    • The Life Enrichment Center
    • C.S.A.C. (Community Social Action Committee)
    • Local Food Pantries
    • Oyster Bay Rail Road Museum
    • Boys & Girls Club of Oyster Bay
    • Centro Culturo Hispanico
    • "Gift of Life" Rotary International
    • Main Street Association Holiday Decorations
    • Facilitate the "Annual Oyster Festival"


    The Oyster Fest is a lot of fun and a great community event.  It’s nice to know that it also does a lot of good for the Oyster Bay East Norwich community.  This year’s festival kicks off on Saturday, October 15 and runs through Sunday, October 16.

Rotary Visits 3rd Graders
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