• Science National Honor Society

    Advisor: Ms. Amy Hallock

    Contact: ahallock@obenschools.org

    Grade Levels: 11-12

    Meeting Times: To be announced

    Location: Room 217

    SNHS Websitehttps://www.sciencenhs.org/

    Description: Science National Honor Society (SNHS) is a service-oriented club. Students are invited to join SNHS their junior year and are enrolled in the Honors Science Program and/or AP Science Courses and have maintained a minimum 87.5 average (unweighted) in those courses. The activities of the SNHS include: (1) assisting at STEM Night (2) assisting the Second Grade Science Night (3) judging the Seventh Grade Science Fair (4) planning and attending the SNHS Induction and (5) assisting in the District Science Fair. 


    Eligibility Requirements:

    • Student is enrolled in Honors Science and/or AP Science classes.
    • Candidates must have a minimum honors/AP science average of at least 87.5%.  



    Selection Criteria:

    • Enrollment in Honors/AP Science Courses with a minimum 87.5% unweighted average in those courses. 


    Acceptance Criteria:

    • Students can accept or decline their invitation to join SNHS. If joining SNHS, students agree to participate in 70% of meetings and 70% of yearly activities in order to receive their SNHS Graduation Cords.


    Application Availability:  Students are invited to join SNHS in the 3rd quarter of their Junior year, approximately 1 month before the Induction Ceremony. 


    Induction Ceremony: Thursday, April 8, 2021 @ 7:30 pm


    To Maintain your Science National Honor Society membership:

    • Attendance at 70% of meetings and 70% of activities is required to maintain membership and receive your graduation cords.