• Honor Society- Quill and Scroll

    Advisor: Ms. Shannon Murphy

    Contact: smurphy@obenschools.org

    Grade Levels: 10-12

    Meeting Times: Fridays to be announced

    Location: Room 207


    Description: Quill and Scroll is the international honor society that recognizes students for their exemplary writing and other phases of journlaistic work. Students are considered for their contributions to The Harbour Voice, Agapae, or Yearbook. The purpose of Quill and Scroll is to instill in students the ideals of scholarship and the standards of the journalism professino by developing better journalists, inculcating a higher code of ethics, promoting exact and dispassionate thinking, and exercising clear and forceful writing. 


    Application Deadline: TBA


    Induction Ceremony: Wednesday, April 25, 2018 @ 7:30 pm


    Application: By invitation only