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  • Alumnae Invited To Volunteer At Oyster Fest And Beyond

              If you are planning ahead about visiting this year’s Oyster Festival on Saturday, Oct. 15 and Sunday, Oct. 16 we have an offer you might be interested in trying. Would you like to volunteer for a four-hour stint working in the Ida May Project food booth? It’s the idea of helping marine education, too, that makes it a perfect fit. “Welcome, we can use your help.” To sign up to volunteer either day (a great way to see old friends) please call 516-305-9204. Think of it as a carefree reunion weekend.

             The original Ida May, built by Frank M. Flower in 1925, is being re-constructed using modern Coast Guard requirements to make it a large, stable vessel that can be used in the marine education programs run by the WaterFront Center. The engine powered boat will make a great platform for today’s computer assisted learning.

             During the 1970s the Ida May was used by OBHS Earth Science teacher Mr. Walters. “I remember once they dredged up a whole bunch of starfish,” said OBHS graduate Jim Fuccio, Esq. a Rotarian and the chair of the 2016 Oyster Fest.

             Walters also taught Physics and had a cardboard owl as a class mascot called Kugel Blitz. That means “ball lightening,” explained Fuccio. “Every year it was stolen and held hostage, as a prank.”

             IMP board member Gregory Druhak, another class member, filled in the story saying, “It was almost expected for some seniors to steal the owl, as they were rewarded by being taken out on the Ida May for the Earth Science and Biology classes.”

             If volunteering is in your skillset, the IMP also needs volunteers on Tuesdays and Thursdays at their Christeen Corp boatyard on West End Avenue where they are building the wooden boat, an oyster dredge. Drop by or give us a call at call 516-305-9204.

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