• 9-2-2016

    Striving for Excellence in Education                                Volume 11, Issue 1, 9-2-2016 




    The Superintendent's Monthly Message   

    The monthly messages from Superintendent of Schools for the Oyster Bay East Norwich Central School District continue to be a great resource for the community as Dr. Laura Seinfeld shares her expertise and unique perspective about education and its place in our community. 


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Ida May Project
  • Alumnae Invited To Volunteer At Oyster Fest And Beyond

              If you are planning ahead about visiting this year’s Oyster Festival on Saturday, Oct. 15 and Sunday, Oct. 16 we have an offer you might be interested in trying. Would you like to volunteer for a four-hour stint working in the Ida May Project food booth? It’s the idea of helping marine education, too, that makes it...

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