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  • School Spirit is Alive and Well at OBHS

    The week leading up to Homecoming at Oyster Bay High School is called Spirit Week which is a time for the different grade levels come together in friendly competition.  It is a great way to foster unity and over-all school pride.


    Each grade level took the theme of a genre of music and a color.  They engaged in a week long competition with the other grades in a number of activities including hall decorating, self-decorating, float building and lip sync performances.  The freshman sported the color blue and celebrated the music of Broadway.  The sophomores wore black and celebrated Rock music.  The juniors followed the Techno beat and wore white.  The seniors celebrated Pop music and wore red.


    Each class sold ribbons during Spirit Week.  Each ribbon was sold for a dollar and all proceeds are to go to Pediatric Cancer Research.


    Click here to see Newsday's coverage of the OBHS Pep Rally


    Here are the results of the Spirit Week competitions:


    Hall Decorating

    4th place: Freshman

    2nd place: Sophomores (tied)

    2nd place: Juniors

    1st place: Seniors



    Lip Sync

                4th place: Sophomores

                3rd place: Juniors

                2nd place: Freshman

                1st place: Seniors




                4th place: Freshman

                3rd place: Seniors

                2nd place: Sophomores

                1st place: Juniors



                4th place: Seniors

                3rd place: Freshman

                2nd place: Sophomores

                1st place: Juniors


    Charity Ribbon sales (worth double points)

                4th place Freshman

                3rd place Seniors

                2nd place Sophomores

                1st place Juniors


    Dress up

                4th place Freshman

                3rd place Sophomores

                2nd place Seniors

                1st place Juniors


    And the Overall Winners of Spirit week …..


    Freshman in 4th place

    Sophomores in 3rd place

    Seniors in 2nd place

    and the First place winner

    The Junior Class.



    The 2016 Royal Court


    Freshman Prince- Terence Pyres

    Freshman Princess- Jamie Galasso


    Sophomore Prince- Yahve Baptiste

    Sophomore Princess- Catherine Almonte


    Junior Prince- Ian Guarini

    Junior Princess-  Maggie Frankel


    Homecoming King - Aaron Rudnet

    Homecoming Queen -  Lauren Orlowski

Spirit Week 2016
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