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  • OBHS 7thGraders do Field Work at Nassau BOCES Outdoor Education

               On September 9th, Oyster Bay High School seventh graders and many of their teachers and counselors took part in a special outing to the Nassau BOCES Outdoor Education Center in Brookville.          This field work was intended to give students an opportunity to connect with each other and their teachers in a meaningful way.  During the four hour visit to the Center, students participated in a number of team-building activities such as a trust walk, rope swing, tightrope and many others.  The activities were led by a team of BOCES naturalists who fostered problem-solving, collaboration and good communication skills with students in their small groups as they navigated various low ropes challenges and obstacles.  Students were encouraged to take risks and responsibility and to show respect for others.  The field work at Outdoor Education was an introduction to social-emotional learning at the middle school and part of an effort to give students a greater understanding of the Dignity for All Students Act and their rights and responsibilities as middle schoolers.


             This program was made possible with the financial support of the Oyster Bay-East Norwich Central School District. The OBHS PTSA (Parent-Teacher-Student Association) generously gave each seventh grade student a T-shirt as a welcome gift to the High School – most students wore their new shirts that day in a show of school pride and unity.  


             Here is what some of the students had to say about the experience:

              “I loved the rope swing. I liked climbing and boosting people up the wall too.” 

              “My favorite part was when we had to swing on a rope from one platform to another…On the trip I learned a lot about team work and nature.” 

             “The trip was fun.  I liked the spider webs, balance beam and jump roping.”

              “I enjoyed all of the ropes activities we did…especially the course where you had a partner on the other end of the ropes and had to walk across and pass each other on the ropes that were off the ground.” 

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