• OBHS Principal Dr. Dennis O’Hara updated the Board on the Electives offered at the high school and about an advanced placement program that only a small number of high schools have been selected to participate in called AP Capstone. It is an innovative diploma program made up of two courses designed to complement discipline-specific study in AP content courses. It focuses on independent research, collaborative teamwork and communication skills. It is an honor to be one of the few schools on Long Island to be selected to pursue this option for our students. The Board approved proceeding with the program offering.


    Also a very hot topic is the BOND vote which is just weeks away. The Vote will be held at OBHS on Thursday, December 17 from 7 am to 9 pm. The flyer for the BOND was revealed at last night’s meeting. Click here to see the flyer.


    Here are the links from last night.


    Agenda: http://obenschools.schoolwires.net/domain/26


    BOND info: http://www.obenschoolsmac.org/BOND_2015.htm


    The BOND Flyer: http://www.obenschoolsmac.org/news/2015_OBEN_BOND_FLYER.pdf


    Dr. O’Hara’s Presentation on Elective Courses: http://obenschools.schoolwires.net/Page/367