Driver's Ed Spring 2018 Lecture Schedule 

     *Please note the dates and times of lectures and driving sessions*




    Requests for driving schedule changes must be sent by email to info@obenschoolsde.com.  Please specify the student name in the subject line.




    If a student cannot be accommodated because classes are filled, all monies will be returned or refunded. If a student is scheduled for classes, they may make a formal schedule change request at the schedule posting date. If a student cannot be accommodated, all monies will be refunded. Late requests for schedule changes will incur a $50.00 administrative fee if the student drops out. In any case, once classes begin, no tuition refund will be authorized for any reason, illness, injury, etc.




    A student is allowed to make up no more than 3 absences in EITHER car or lecture class. All absences MUST be made up. 

    More than 3 absences in either class (not combined) will result in the student failing the course.  There are no "excused" absences. Absences due to bereavement, sports, SATs, ACTs (and other exams), are still considered absences. 

    Make-ups are arranged directly with the instructor.  If you are absent, you should speak with your instructor at the next class that you attend.




    Students will receive an MV-285 (Course Completion Certificate) from the district 3-4 weeks after the completion of the entire course (both the lecture and driving portions). This provides an insurance reduction to students who qualify; and a driver's license Class D at age 17 upon successfully passing the NYS road test and submitting their MV-285 to DMV.