2019 Novel Coronavirus


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    Updated NYS Travel Guidance on Quarantining as of April 1st

    Other NYS COVID 19 Guidance

    Important points about the updated guidance:

    • After observing quarantine for 10 days an individual identified as a contact may return to school/work without a Covid test if they are symptom-free.
    • The individual must have been symptom-free for the ten-day duration of quarantine.
    • The individual must observe ALL District guidance regarding distancing, mask-wearing, handwashing, and must employ any/all mitigation opportunities made available to them (desk shields, open window, virtual meetings, avoidance of carpooling with others) during the remaining four days.
    • The individual must continue ongoing daily monitoring of symptoms and twice-daily temperature taking. Persons with a temperature of 100 degrees or high are considered symptomatic.
    • At the first sign of any potentially Covid-19 related symptoms, the individual must immediately isolate, be sent home, or leave school/work.
    • An individual who becomes symptomatic must consult this Covid-19 information page, must re-submit their daily Cleared4Class health link to reflect their change in health status, and must notify their building nurse or Eileen McCartney immediately.
    • An individual who becomes symptomatic must consult their private physician to discuss testing and their health care guidance.

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    School districts are required to report known COVID cases to the Department of Health (DOH) on a daily basis.  This information is publicly available on the DOH COVID-19 Data DashboardWe anticipate that this portal will serve as a primary source of information to keep our learning community updated. 



    Please note that due to a new United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) ruling, all meals (breakfast and lunch) will be available for FREE to all students through December 31 to ensure that students receive nutritional meals during the pandemic.  This includes both in-person and remote students.  Please see more information HERE. Click here for menus, online order forms and pick up locations




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