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    OBHS’ Legally Blonde Dazzles Audiences


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    Directed by Ms. Teriann Chiappardi and Assistant Director Brittany Ford, the show took the audience through a pink cyclone as star Delta Nu sorority sister Elle Woods, played by Kayleigh M. Crawford, takes Harvard University by storm. In pursuit of a marriage proposal from Warner Huntington III, played by Jayce Cody, she charms her way into the Ivy League only to be faced with ridicule by her peers. But with some sass and a little help from her friends and professors, she realizes her true potential and sets out to prove herself in the world.

    Also behind the show’s success were Assistant Producer and Stage Crew Director Ms. Maria Randazzo, Music Director Ms. Kylie Mullins, Conductor Ms. Brenda Murphy and Sound/Lighting Designer Mr. Glen Davis. 

    Congratulations to cast members: Torin Aebly, Aurora Aschettino, Ava Aschettino, Anabella Ballone, Jaiya Chetram, Jayce Cody, Jenna Cody, Sarah Conway, Miriam Coor, Kayleigh M. Crawford, Grace Curry, Cheliann DeCarolis, Carley Doyle, Giavanna Gerken, Elias Gomez, Kevin Hart, Colette Kilfoil, Muskan Kumar, Michaela Lester, Brooklyn Matt, Shannon McConnell, Bianca McEvoy, Grace McKenna, Kayla McKenna, Benjamin Rivera, Julia Sherbal, Daniela Sevyn Singh, Paige Sweeney, Lauren Swezey, Mary Vera, and Emily Viesta.  

    Congratulations to the orchestra under Ms. Murphy’s baton. Members included Jessica Duggan, Hannah Lopes, Julia Coschignano, Emily Lattanzio, Thomas Coor, Marc Iacono, Gregory Wulffen, Jr.; Sophie Mejia, Stephanie Vojvodich, Michael Biggiani, Isaac Luckman, Erica Duke, Sophie Grady, with Mr. Alex Gallina on bass,  Ms. Kylie Mullins on piano, Mr. Anthony Femino on keyboard and Mr. Vincent Muscarella on guitar.

    And, congratulations to crew members, under the direction of Ms. Randazzo. Members included Julia Cutajar, Rebecca Keller, Maria McKevitt, Matthew Tepper, Maggie Ford, Omek Kumar, John Purcell, Emily Wiesenfeld, Jocelyn Wong, Elizabeth Figueroa, Ella Lingen, Dakota Matt, Neal Mehta, Kathryn Moore, Julianna Goldman and Muskan Kumar. Special thanks to Sarah Conway for designing the publicity poster and playbook cover.

    Mr. Femino added, “Many thanks to everyone involved for their hard work, expertise and support in bringing this fantastic production to our Oyster Bay High School stage.”

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