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    Excellence in Education                                                               Volume 13, Issue 18, 1-11-19

  • Mr. Rizzuto gives mental health lesson

    Mental Health Education Expands for Students' Success

    In an effort to eliminate stigmas and help students reach optimal health and wellness, a new health curriculum that places an increased emphasis on mental health education was implemented this year in schools across New York State. The ultimate goal, according to the New York State Office of Mental Health, “is to change the perception of mental illness and encourage future generations to ask for help when feeling depressed or anxious as easily as asking for help for an injured leg or sore throat.”  

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    Mr. Halligan with staff before he presented Ryan's Story


  • box out bullying assembly at vernon

    OBEN Elementary Students Learn How to 'Box Out Bullying'

    In an assembly that combined humor, theatrics and student participation, students at James H. Vernon learned how to spot bullying in their school and take action to stop it. Box Out Bullying, a national touring organization, takes research-based anti-bullying techniques and incorporates them into a lively, age-appropriate theatrical performance that captivates students. A similar assembly will be presented at Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School on Jan. 14. 

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    'Ryan's Story' Presents Harsh Reality of Bullying & Suicide 

    With stoic faces and some silent tears, 6th and 7th graders in the Oyster Bay-East Norwich Central School District listened to the heart-wrenching story of Ryan Halligan, a 13-year-old boy from Vermont who ultimately took his own life after years of being bullied and cyber-bullied. 

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