• Below are the NYSSMA forms. All money is due by Friday, January 17, 2020.


    Piano (All Levels) at Jericho High School
    March 13 & 14, 2020


    Levels 1-4 at Oyster Bay High School
    March 20 & 21, 2020


    Levels 5, 6, and All State at Syosset High School
    May 8 & 9, 2020



    For Elementary Students

    Vocal - Elementary 

    Instrumental - Elementary

    Piano - Elementary


    For students grades 7-12

    Vocal - High School

    Instrumental - High School

    Piano - High School




    (Levels 1-4) $16

    (Levels 5 & 6) $24



    Level 1-4 $22

    Level 5-6 $30



    COPYRIGHT: It is essential that every student come to the NYSSMA festival prepared with two pieces of original (not photocopied) music. If the piece has no accompaniment part, this must be two identical original copies. If the piece has an accompaniment, the combination of one solo part and its corresponding accompaniment part (with the solo line included) will suffice. Please check with your child’s music teacher to ensure your child is properly prepared. NYSSMA has no option and must adhere to federal copyright laws.

    TRANSPORTATION: The music department will supply directions to the festival site. It is the responsibility of each student and parent to arrive at the festival site on their own. It is requested that all students arrive at their audition site no later than 20 minutes before their audition time. Students having transportation problems should notify their respective music teacher so that they may try to assist them in arranging a ride.

    MEDALS: The Oyster Bay-East Norwich music staff are extremely excited to have your child participating in this very special competition and hope that they will be successful in this venture.  Those students who receive high ratings will be rewarded with an official NYSSMA medal.

    ACCOMPANISTS: Accompanists spend many hours working on the music both alone and with the student. The ability of the accompanist can enhance the performance of the student. Students should consult with their teacher in engaging a skilled accompanist. 

    In accordance with NYSSMA regulations, students must be in the comparable school performing group during the year of audition and the year of participation in an All-State group.

    All registrations must be on the appropriate forms.

    • If your child is performing an instrumental and a vocal solo, they must register on separate forms and include separate checks.
    • If your child is registering for piano and any other solo festivals, they must register on separate forms and include separate checks.
    • Vocal forms must be returned to vocal teachers and separate instrumental forms must be returned to instrumental teachers.