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    OBHS Presents the Greek Tragedy, Antigone, Nov. 16

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    Director Dr. Ryan O’Hara, K-12 Supervisor for English Language Arts, Reading and Library Media, chose the play because students study ancient Greek literature in 10th grade and read Antigone in Advanced Placement literature.

    “With his story of Antigone, Sophocles challenges us to notice when we are Creon, when we seek to exert our will,” Dr. O’Hara explained.  “He pushes us to question how often we are actually justified in our demands, our threats, our sanctions.  He also challenges us to realize that we all have the power to live our lives according to our beliefs – not to attack others, as Creon does, but to stand firm before those who would have us sell out.”

    Students have been rehearsing and honing their acting skills for weeks, and are excited to bring this production to the stage. The cast includes Sarah Conway as Antigone, Jason Hom as Creon, Mary Vera as Ismene, Michael McGee as Haemon, Julia Sherbal as the Nurse, Cheliann DeCarolis as the Messenger, Marc Iacono as the First Guard, Kevin Hart as the Second Guard, Michael Ramirez as the Third Guard and Bella Rosenthal as the Chorus.

    Working just as hard is the stage crew, under the guidance of high school art teacher and theatre arts advisor Maria Randazzo, assistant producer of the show. Crew members include Ella Cortes, Julia Cutajar, Julianna Goldman, Kevin Hart, Rebecca Keller, Muskan Kumar, Ella Lingen, Maria McKevitt, Matthew Tepper, Jeffrey Vasquez, Joycelin Wong and Emily Wiesenfeld. Stage lighting and other technical aspects of the show are in the hands of Glen Davis, the show’s technical director. In addition to acting in the play, Sarah Conway lent her artistic skills to design the publicity poster. Come see how this tragedy unfolds!

    antigone psoter

  • Sarah Conway as Antigone  jason hom

     Sarah Conway-Antigone    Jason Hom--Creon

    Mary Vera  mike McGee

    Mary Vera-Ismene             Michael McGee-Haemon 

    bella rosenthal  messenger

    Bella Rosenthal-Chorus      Cheliann DeCarolis-Messinger

    nurse  first guard

    Julia Sherbal-Nurse             Marc Iacono-First Guard

    second guard  third guard

    Kevin Hart-Second Guard    Michael Ramirez-Third Guard

     Michael Brady

    Michael Brady-Page


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