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    Vernon Student Council Elections Go Tech

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    Facilitated by Student Council Advisor Ms. Diana Hauser, candidates shared their ideas and accomplishments as they sought to fill one of six different offices: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Activities Coordinator and Publicity Coordinator.  After the speeches for each office were delivered, students offered applause and then voted electronically through a Google form on their Chromebooks. The tabulation was coordinated by technology teacher Mr. Keith Harrison. Results were recorded immediately.  

    “Student Council provides numerous skill-building opportunities for our students, from developing public speaking and leadership qualities to running successful community service campaigns,” said Ms. Hauser. “Our students did a fantastic job delivering their speeches and I look forward to working with our new officers as they work to enhance student life at our school this year.”

    In the weeks prior to the election, students campaigned by designing and hanging posters throughout the hallways. Some had blinking lights to draw attention, some had rhyming phrases such as, “Don’t be crabby, vote for Gabi,” and others used a clever play on words, “There’s a ‘minion’ reasons to vote for Julianna.”

    At the end of the school day, the winners of the election were announced, which included a tie for president. The new Student Council officers are: 6th-graders Themis Megaris and Charlise Winter, Co-Presidents; 5th grader George Henry, Vice President; 5th grader Quinn Rainey, Treasurer; 5th grader Finn Trotman, secretary; 6th grader Connor Walsh, Publicity Officer; and 5th grader Mia Bencal, Activities Officer.

    “We are very proud of all of our students for delivering their speeches with such poise and conviction,” added Principal Dr. Valerie Vacchio. “We congratulate our winners and we’re excited to see what’s in store under their leadership.”

  • Vernon Student Council candidates take the stage

    Vernon Student Council candidates take the stage.

    candidates for treasurer make speeches

    Treasurer Quinn Rainey delivers his speech.

    students cheer after their classmates make their speeches

    Students cheer for their classmates after their speeches.

    students cast their votes using Chromebooks

    Students use Chromebooks to cast electronic votes.

    student council officers

    Pictured with Vernon School Principal Dr. Valerie Vacchio are the newly elected members of the Vernon Student Council. In back row, from left, are Co-President Themis Megaris, Publicity Officer Connor Walsh, Secretary Finn Trotman, and Activities Officer Mia Bencal. In front are Vice President George Henry and Co-President Charlise Winter. Treasurer Quinn Rainey is pictured above delivering his speech. 

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