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    Reading Rocks at Roosevelt School

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    Lead “singer” was Dr. Ryan O’Hara, K-12 Supervisor for ELA, Reading and Library Media, with Principal Ms. Tami McElwee, sporting a purple wig, close behind him. The band started its performance on the cafeteria risers and then moved into the crowd as they lip synced to Best Days of my Life by American Authors and Happy by Pharrell Williams as featured in the movie, Despicable Me. The band cheered, “Reading rocks, reading rocks” and students echoed their cheers with delight. By the end of the show, almost every child was dancing or clapping.

    “To encourage reading, we told our students that if they all read over the summer and returned their summer projects, they would be invited to a “Rock Out” event when they returned to school,” explained Literacy Coach Ms. Christine Bartell. “This is the first time we held this event so we didn’t know what to expect. But it was a big hit. Everyone was dancing and laughing and having a great time. It was fantastic. Kudos to our teachers and administrators who put on a great show and truly entertained and motivated our students.”

    The theme of the summer reading packet was “Libraries Rock.” Included in the packet were literacy coupons that students could redeem for completing an additional reading project. Students filled out the coupons with their names and placed them in a box for a chance to win a raffle. The prize was to join the “band” for a song. Raffle winners were given a rocker T-shirt to wear and an inflatable instrument to “play.” For another summer activity, students were given a paper guitar and were asked to rate a book they read by giving it one to five musical notes. The guitars were hung up on a bulletin board in the hallway.  To reinforce the musical theme, the OBEN Elementary PTA ordered each child a decorate-yourself maraca.

    “The power of teamwork and music shined through at this assembly,” said Ms. McElwee. “Our staff did an amazing job of entertaining our young readers and we are all excited to see where this energy and enthusiasm for reading takes them.”

  • teachers and administrators form the Roosevelt Rockers band

    Teachers and administrators at Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School formed the Reading Rockers band to entertain students at a summer reading celebration.

    raffle winners play with the band

    Raffle winners don T-shirts and perform with the band with blow-up instruments.

    student dancing

    Students and staff, alike, have fun rocking to the music in celebration of reading.

    Click here to see Roosevelt Rockers slide show

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