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    Schools open with new staff and enhancements for success

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    Schools were abuzz with excitement during the kick-off of the anticipated 1:1 technology initiative, meaning students at certain grade levels were assigned their own mobile devices to enhance their learning – with more grade levels to be added each year. While all students have had access to devices in the classroom in the past, the initiative provides greater accessibility to all students, in and out of the classroom, and increases the use of technology throughout the curricula. This year, 2nd graders were assigned iPads, which were found to be the best device, developmentally, for the age group, and 4th  and 7th  graders were assigned Chromebooks to support their learning goals.

    Efforts to bring more academically challenging opportunities continue at Oyster Bay High School with the addition of Advanced Placement (AP) Research, the second of a two-part continuum in the AP Capstone program. AP Capstone is a more advanced diploma program based on two, year-long courses: AP Seminar, which the District implemented two years ago, and AP Research. The program takes an interdisciplinary approach to develop the critical thinking, research, collaboration, time management, and presentation skills students need for college-level work.

    Advanced programs in science and social studies, titled Science Research and Research in the Social Sciences, respectively, were piloted last year and are building greater momentum, enabling more students to delve deeper into subject matter that interests them, develop advanced skills for college and career success, and gain experience in competing in local and regional contests against their peers.

    Also new is the physical education course for grades 9-12, called Mindfulness-Based Physical Education.  The course explores how students can get their bodies to function at their best by exploring various physical and mental fitness practices. Students will participate in Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, Bosu Ball and mind-body integration fitness activities.   

    Bringing a new dimension to classroom learning is the new Fine and Performing Arts Wing at Oyster Bay High School. The new wing blends seamlessly with the traditional façade of the high school and houses large, bright art, choral and band spaces equipped with state-of-the art equipment. A formal ribbon-cutting ceremony to commemorate the new addition will be held in late September.

    In the District’s continual partnership with Homeland Security, the Nassau County Police Department, and its own Safety Committee, new security upgrades are being installed, such as uniform classroom door locks throughout the District that immediately deadbolt at the push of a button and security film on certain glass panels as needed. In addition, high school students are being issued photo ID’s and lanyards to better identify them as they enter the building.

    Other improvements include new carbon monoxide detectors in all District buildings and sound panels in each cafeteria, the construction of a new parking lot and boiler upgrades at the high school, and some new flooring, cabinetry and asphalt upgrades at the elementary level.

     “Many thanks to our entire custodial staff, our secretarial staff, our administrative team, and other support personnel who have worked tirelessly throughout the summer to ensure that we were up and running for the 2018-19 school year,” said Dr. Laura Seinfeld, Superintendent of Schools.  “I warmly welcome back all of our students and staff, and wish them a productive and successful school year.”

  • OBHS students on the first day of school

    Oyster Bay High School students arrive for the first day of school, Sept. 4.

    high school principals

    OBHS students were greeted by, from left, Assistant Principal (Grades 10-12) Dr. Peter Rufa, Principal Ms. Sharon Lasher and Assistant Principal (Grades 7-9) Ms. Lara Gonzalez.


    students in new art room

    Oyster Bay High School students are the first to be given art instruction in the new Fine and Performing Arts Wing.

    students learn about their new chromebooks

    Oyster Bay High School 7th graders learn to navigate their Chromebooks, which were issued to them as part of the District’s 1:1 technology initiative.

    Vernon students exit school bus

    Vernon students exit a school bus with supplies in hand.

    Roosevelt students on first day of school

    Roosevelt students meet their classmates in the gym before moving to their classrooms.

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