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    OBEN Students Showcase Research at District Science Fair

  • The Oyster Bay High School gymnasium was a colorful sea of tri-fold presentation boards as students from K-6 displayed their science research for families and friends.

    Topics ranging from “How Much Salt does it Take to Make an Egg Float?” by kindergartner Christian Farnese to sixth-grade projects, such as “What Kind of Water Has the Least Amount of Chlorine?” filled the floor and the bleachers as visitors milled around the room to learn about their research. Each board neatly featured the six steps of the scientific method: make an observation, ask a question, form a hypothesis, conduct an experiment, analyze the date and draw a conclusion.  Some even had working parts, such as an erupting volcano or working circuits.

    Members of the Oyster Bay High School Science Honor Society were on hand to assist with a display of Dash robots as students eagerly used Apps on iPads to manipulate the robots around the room.

    Participants also had a chance to test their science trivia using Kahoots, a game-based platform that makes learning fun and entertaining for students.

    “This science fair is a culmination of what our students have been learning in the classroom and provides a way to spark interest in science and develop research and presentation skills,” said Ms. Janna Ostroff, K-12 Supervisor of Science and Technology for Instruction. “Through this foundation at the elementary level, we hope to inspire students to continue to feed their curiosity by taking advantage of the science and technology opportunities we have available at the secondary level, including our science research program and courses for college credit. I thank our science and technology teachers for coordinating this event and making it a success for our community.”

  • family looks at science project

    A family views a project on chemical reactions. 

    student bowl with Dash robots

    Students bowl with Dash robots controlled by their iPads.

    fifth grader with science project

    A fifth grader explored basic aerodynamics by designing several paper airplanes and testing how they flew.

    a mom and daughter play Kahoots

    Learning science is fun with the game-based program, Kahoots.

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