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    Ancient Civilizations Come to Life at Vernon School

  • Dressed as pharaohs, queens and other historical figures in ancient history, sixth graders at James H. Vernon School were full of excitement as they presented a showcase of Ancient Civilizations in their classrooms for family and friends. The display was the culminating event after weeks of studying the subject in their classrooms and working on individual research projects at home.

    Students made models of Egyptian pyramids, sphinxes, hieroglyphics and tombs; Greek buildings, such as the Parthenon and the Acropolis, and ancient Chinese palaces, for example. They made posters describing ancient inventions, famous landmarks and important people in history, and created research presentations for display on their computers. As parents circled around the classrooms, students offered a brief description of their projects and answered questions.

    Sixth-grade student Lexi Paradiso, dressed as the second historically confirmed female Egyptian pharaoh Hatshepsut, shared facts about her life from her research paper and pointed to the bust she created of the pharaoh. Classmate James Grassi shared his knowledge of the Egyptian sun god, Ra, and Osiris, king of the underworld and one of the most important gods of Ancient Egypt.

    After the presentation, students and family members enjoyed various foods from these cultures, which included items such as, Greek domaldes (stuffed grape leaves), a Feta cheese and tomato salad, pita chips and hummus, dried fruits, Chinese fortune cookies, and Rice Krispies Treats displayed in the shape of an Egyptian pyramid.

    “Bringing their presentations to life in this way not only provides a wonderful opportunity for our families to see what our students have accomplished in and beyond the classroom, it makes for a very memorable and meaningful learning experience for our students,” said Mr. John Youngs, who teaches sixth grade along with his colleagues Mr. Kevin Cotter, Ms. Haley Kamp, Ms. Patricia Karmen, Ms. Nicole Plenkos, and Ms. Mary Samuels. “It is one of the highlights of the school year.”


    Ancient Civilizations Slide Show

  • families tour the Ancient civilizations display

    Families enjoy touring the sixth-grade Ancient Civilizations display at James H. Vernon School.


     students dressed as Ancient figures

    Students dressed the part as they shared their knowledge of Ancient Civilizations.

     a student presents her project on Cleopatra

    A sixth grader presents her project on the Egyptian queen, Cleopatra.  

     a student presents his project on the Chinese compass

    A sixth grader displays an ancient Chinese magnetic compass.

     student dressed as a Greek god

    A sixth grader shares his project on the Greek god Anubis.

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