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    OBHS Inducts Students into National Honor Society

  • Confirming their academic success and their roles as leaders of their class, 55 students were inducted into Oyster Bay High School’s chapter of National Honor Society. The new inductees bring the total number of members to 124.

    To be inducted into National Honor Society, students must demonstrate excellence in the four pillars of the organization: scholarship, service, leadership and character; and possess a grade-point average of 87.5 or higher. Students in grades 10-12 are considered for admission.

    Held in the Oyster Bay High School auditorium, 69 National Honor Society members, dressed in purple and gold robes, sat on one side of the stage and new inductees sat on the other side as the ceremony unfolded before family and friends.

    Underscoring the meaning of the four pillars, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Laura Seinfeld, said in her welcoming remarks, “Taken together, my message to you is that you continue to take risks, lead, serve the greater good, and always, choose kind.”

    Each of the four National Honor Society officers — President Jodi Yeh, Vice President Ian Guarini, Treasurer Matthew DiCarali and Secretary Maggie Frankel — approached the podium to outline one of the pillars and then lit a candle to highlight its importance.

    Science teacher Brittany Badean, who was selected as an honorary member, pointed to the vast advancements in technology, saying, “In many ways, social media has replaced personal relationships and genuine caring for our fellow human beings…my advice to you is to take full advantage of technology but also to stand up straight and look at the person you are talking to in the eye, to have a firm handshake, to smile, and listen to what others have to say….emotional relationships are irreplaceable; be charitable, be honest and you will be respected not only as a scholar but also as a humanitarian.”

    Oyster Bay High School Principal Ms. Sharon Lasher introduced each inductee and his/her achievements, and then invited the inductees to stand and raise their right hand as she administered the Honor Society Pledge.

    The program concluded with remarks from National Honor Society advisor Mr. Scott Knapp.

    As members of National Honor Society, students are required to perform service projects. One of the various ways members serve others is to provide tutoring services to students who need extra support. Information on tutoring services is available on the District website at https://www.obenschools.org/Page/1067.  For a complete list of inductees, visit the School News section of District website at www.obenschools.org.

  • National Honor Society Induction at OBHS

    Fifty-five Oyster Bay High School students take the stage for the National Honor Society induction ceremony.

    NHS President at podium

    National Honor Society President Jodi Yeh addresses the audience about Scholarship.

    NHS treasurer lights a candle

    Treasurer Matthew DiCarali lights one of four candles that stand for the four core values of National Honor Society.

    honorary NHS member delivers speech

    Science teacher Brittany Badean, who was selected as an honorary member, addresses students.

    Inductees take the pledge

    Inductees take the Honor Society Pledge.

    NHS Officers

    From left are Honor Society Publicist Caroline Scamell, Secretary Maggie Frankel, Vice President Ian Guarini, President Jodi Yeh, Treasurer Matthew DiCarali and Historian Kate Devereaux.


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