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    Excellence in Education                                                                    Volume 12, Issue 21, 2-2-18

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    Students pose with books for the Pick a Reading Partner campaign

    Vernon School Goes for the Gold with PARP

    The 2018 Winter Olympics has been a dominant presence at James H. Vernon School! As the theme of this year’s Pick a Reading Partner (PARP) reading campaign, different activities and incentives — aimed to encourage reading and instill a lifelong love of books — kicked off last week with the tagline, “Go for the Gold….Read!”

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  • Roosevelt second graders hold up bubbling test tubes after a science activity

    Roosevelt Science Night is Bubbles of Fun 

    Dressed in lab coats and goggles, Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School second graders enjoyed a night of discovery, understanding and bonding with their family members during Science Fun Night where bubbling test tubes, bridge building, and analyzing fingerprints were among the featured activities.

    “The goal of the night is to bring parents and families into the learning community and let them experience with their children the type of learning that takes place here every day,” said Ms. Janna Ostroff, K-12 Supervisor for Science and Technology for Instruction. “They conduct investigations together and go through all the scientific wondering and processes that they do in class. It sparks excitement and celebrates the end of their careers here at TR as scientists.”


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