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    Congratulations October ‘Athletes of the Month’

  • Oyster Bay High School’s Department of Athletics proudly announces its October selections for ‘Athlete of the Month.’ Athletes are selected by their coaches and chosen for exhibiting qualities that make them exemplary role models for their teammates, such as leadership, dedication, attitude, level of improvement, and skill.


    According to coach Keri Lengyel, junior, Natalia Velasquez, has been on the Varsity Cheerleading Team since her freshman year of high school. “As a strong leader, Natalia continues to prove she is a valuable asset to the team. She takes additional time aside from practice to help her teammates and improve their skills, as well as encourage them with her positive attitude,” Ms. Lengyel said.


    Chosen by coach Kevin Coomey, freshman Brianna Baugh is in her first year as a high school rower and “has worked extremely hard to excel as a rower and a coxswain,” he said. “Brianna's willingness to be used in multiple different positions makes her a very versatile athlete, and helps to set a standard for the rest of her teammates. Whether it be steering a boat or rowing a boat, Brianna has great leadership qualities that will serve to be an integral part of the team throughout the season moving forward.”

    Brianna and the rest of her teammates will be competing in their next race in Philadelphia on the weekend of Oct. 28.

    Cross Country

    Four cross country athletes were selected by coach Kevin Cotter and assistant coach Bradley Rangell. “This season has brought these upperclassmen vying for the "top spot" on the cross country team,” said Mr. Cotter. “After four meets, each of these boys has led the team with the fastest time, and each brings his own brand of competitiveness. Brian Casey is the most improved and the biggest surprise so far. Improved attitude and attendance have made a big difference in this junior's season. Eric Chao brings a lighthearted yet hard work-ethic to the team, and by all definitions he is a good teammate. Terrance Cameron maintains a high level of communication with his teammates, including the organization of captain's practices, using group chats for reminders, and offering rides to and from practice for his teammates in need. Zack Arenella has the most ambitious goals on the team, and will run an extra morning run, do a few more reps, or anything else it takes to achieve the high level he aspires to reach.”



    Soccer coach Brian Donohue and assistant coach George Costidis selected three-year varsity starter and Senior Captain Dennis Mejia. “He currently leads the conference in saves and has 4 shutouts,” Mr. Donohue began. “His stellar leadership of the team, both on the field and off, is a shining example of what it means to be a leader. He has kept the team in games with some absolutely incredible saves in big spots. In addition to his leadership on the boy’s team, he also helps the girls’ soccer team train their goalies and checks in on the middle school team, providing encouragement and support.”



    The Girls’ Varsity Tennis Team Athletes of the Month are senior Maggie Frankel and junior Jessica Duggan, according to coach Greg Bilello. “Maggie and Jessica are first singles partners who have compiled a record of 7-3 this season. Maggie is a returning three-year starter who plays basketball as well as lacrosse. Jessica, also a lacrosse player, is a first-year tennis player. Congratulations!”

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    Natashia Velasquez


     Brianna Baugh

     cross country 1  cross country 2

    Zack Arnella                  Terrance Cameron

    cross country 3  cross country 4

    Brian Casey                       Eric Chao


    Dennis Mejia

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     Maggie Frankel                   Jessica Duggan







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