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     Romeo and Juliet Takes the Stage, Oct. 27 

  • Oyster Bay High School’s Department of Fine and Performing Arts is proud to debut its first fall drama, Romeo & Juliet, on Friday, Oct. 27 at 7 p.m. in the Vernon School gymnasium.

    One of William Shakespeare’s most popular plays, the 16th century tragic romance is a story of two young, star-crossed lovers whose demise ultimately leads to the reconciliation of their feuding families. Hallmarked by his poetic dramatic structure, Shakespeare brings the audience on a twisted journey that switches from comedy to tragedy to heighten intensity as themes of jealously, cowardice and oppression examine the human condition and show us that despite our faults, love prevails. Oyster Bay High School’s version is directed by Dr. Ryan O’Hara, K-12 English Language Arts, Reading and Library Media Supervisor, with the assistance of Dr. Deirdre Faughey, who joined Oyster Bay High School as an English Language Arts teacher this year.

    “We chose Romeo and Juliet as our first production because our students read the play in freshman English class and we wanted them to see how the play can take shape when filtered through the imagination of their peers,” Dr. O’Hara said.

    Students have been rehearsing and honing their acting skills for weeks, and are excited to bring this production to the stage. The cast includes Bella Rosenthal as Juliet, Eliot Fumante as Romeo, Sarah Conway as Prince of Verona, Cheli Ann DeCarolis as Brother John, Kevin Hart as Friar Laurence and Gregory, Jason Hom as Capulet, Arsham Hosseinipour as Balthasar, Marc Iacono as Benvolio, Eleni Katiforis as the Police Detective, Victoria Lattanzio as Paris’ Page, Michael McGee as Montague and Paris, Sophie Mejia as Lady Montague and Servant, Nathaly Ortiz as Apothecary, Jade Pelchuck as the Police Detective, Michael Ramirez as Tybalt, Julia Sherbal as Lady Capulet, Kyra Tischler as Mercutio, Katherine Usaquen as the Nurse and Braedon Warshaw as Sampson and Police Detective.

    Working just as hard is the stage crew, under the guidance of high school art teacher and theatre arts advisor Maria Randazzo, assistant producer of the show. Crew members include Tamaia Brown, Ella Cortes, Julia Cutajar, Julianna Goldman, Rebecca Keller, Victoria Lattanzio, Maria McKevitt, Neal Mehta, Karina Paone, Valentina Pezzelato, Sabrina Rezk, Jeffrey Vasquez, Emily Wiesenfeld and Jocelyn Wong. Stage lighting and other technical aspects of the show are in the hands of Glen Davis, the show’s technical director. In addition to acting in the play, Sarah Conway lent her artistic skills to design the publicity poster, which is posted on the district website along with ticket information. To view, visit www.obenschools.org.

    “The debut of a fall drama not only adds a new dimension to our Fine and Performing Arts Program for our students, it sets the stage for a new tradition at Oyster Bay High School that our whole community can enjoy,” said Peter Rufa, K-12 Fine & Performing Arts Supervisor and producer of the show. “We invite you to take this first step with us when the curtain opens on Oct. 17.”

     Tickets for the show are $10 for adults and $8 for students, and can be reserved by emailing OBHSTheater@obenschools.org. All tickets are paid for at the door with cash or check payable to: Oyster Bay-East Norwich Extra Curricular Activities Fund.

    romeo and Juliet poster

    R and J ticket info

  • Meet the Cast

    Bella Rosenthal  Eliot Fumante

    Bella Rosenthal - Juliet  Eliot Fumante - Romeo

    Sarah Conway  Cheli

    Sarah Conway - Prince Cheli DeCarolis - Brother John

     Kevin Hart  jason Hom

    Kevin Hart - Friar, Gregory   Jason Hom - Capulet

    Arsham  Marc Iacono

    Arsham Hosseinipour      Marc Iacono - Benvolio

    - Balthasar

     Eleni Katiforis  Victoria Lattanzio

    Eleni Katiforis - Detective  Victoria Lattanzio - Paris' Page

    Michael McGee  Sophie Mejia

    Michael McGee             Sophie Mejia - Lady Montague, Servant

    - Montague, Paris

     Nathaly Ortiz  Jade Pelchuck

    Nathaly Ortiz - Apothecary  Jade Pelchuck - Detective

    Michael Ramirez  Julia Sherbal

    Michael Ramirez - Tybalt Julia Sherbal - Lady Capulet

    Kyra Tischler  Katherine Usaquen

    Kyra Tischler - Mercutio  Katherine Usaquen - Nurse

    Braedon Warshaw

    Braedon Warshaw - Sampson, Detective

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