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             Excellence in Education                                                                    Volume 12, Issue 8, 10-20-17

  • Romeo and Juliet

  • Romeo and Juliet Takes the StageOct. 27

    Oyster Bay High School’s Department of Fine and Performing Arts is proud to debut its first fall drama, Romeo & Juliet, on Friday, Oct. 27 at 7 p.m. in the Vernon School gymnasium.

    One of William Shakespeare’s most popular plays, the 16th century tragic romance is a story of two young, star-crossed lovers whose demise ultimately leads to the reconciliation of their feuding families. Hallmarked by his poetic dramatic structure, Shakespeare brings the audience on a twisted journey that switches from comedy to tragedy to heighten intensity as themes of jealously, cowardice and oppression examine the human condition and show us that despite our faults, love prevails. Oyster Bay High School’s version is directed by Dr. Ryan O’Hara, K-12 English Language Arts, Reading and Library Media Supervisor, with the assistance of Dr. Deirdre Faughey, who joined Oyster Bay High School as an English Language Arts teacher this year.

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  • ribbon cutting

  • District Cuts Ribbon on ‘New’ OBHS Library

    During a magical night of celebration and new opportunities for success, the Oyster Bay-East Norwich Central School District Board of Education, staff, students and parents came together to mark a new era in education. With a pair of gigantic scissors, the District officially cut the ribbon on the newly renovated library at Oyster Bay High School and thanked Nassau County Legislator Donald MacKenzie for his role in bringing the District’s vision to life.

     “We are so excited to welcome everyone this evening to our new and enhanced high school library,” said Dr. Laura Seinfeld, Superintendent of Schools. “Tonight we are honoring Legislator MacKenzie because he was instrumental in securing a legislative grant for $150,000 to support this incredible renovation.”

    The full-house event, held during the Oct. 17 Board of Education meeting, paid tribute to the legislator with a...

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