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  • Spring into Summer Singing


    It has been an exciting year in Oyster Bay.  The music program celebrates its best year yet with many honors and accomplishments.


    Oyster Bay High School Senior, Emma Ingoglia joined the All-State Symphonic Band on French Horn in December.


    The Chamber Singers under the direction of Ms. Meagan Finnerty won 1st place at the Music in the Parks Competition in Lake Compounce, Connecticut competing against high schools from NY, NJ, PA and CT. They also won the "Esprit de Corps" Award for the second time. The description of the award is as follows: “Presented to students from a school who demonstrated proper social behavior as well as musical behavior/encouragement. They possess the qualities of highly successful people who are sensitive to the feelings of others and applaud accomplishments no matter if by one’s own school or another school. Evaluation has taken place from arrival at the festival site to the awards presentation. All schools are eligible for this award, but only one group will have the honor of taking this trophy with them back to their school.”


    The Vernon Advanced Band under the direction of Ms. Lauren Macy won the Gold with Distinction Award for their NYSSMA Majors performance. 


    The Vernon School Intermediate Band under the direction of Mr. Joe Devassy won the Gold Award for their NYSSMA Majors performance. 


    The OBHS 7 & 8 Grade Band under the direction of Mr. Michael Giannetta won the Silver Award for their NYSSMA Majors performance.


    Ms. Meagan Finnerty warmed hearts with the Theodore Roosevelt Spring Music Showcase.  As part of the “Music and the Brain” program, Ms. Finnerty held Piano Recitals in June.


    The Vernon Beginner Band under the direction of Ms. Lauren Macy delighted the audience by changing the program and playing a wonderful piece called "Tribute," which was composed by Vernon Music Teacher Joe Devassy.


    Mr. Lou Costidis conducted the 3rd and 4th grade choruses at Vernon to a crowd that spilled out of the gym into the hallway and brought his dynamic 5th and 6th Grade Chorus to the big stage of the PAC.


    Ms. Melissa Kozee entertained the audience with the talents of the 7th and 8th Grade Chorus.


    Ms. Meagan Finnerty conducts the OBHS Mixed Chorus. Ms. Finnerty also conducts the OBHS Chamber Singers who take their beautiful harmonies and melodies out of the concert hall to fill the halls of Oyster Bay High School, to the Teddy Roosevelt Elementary School and to lift the spirits of the seniors in the community. 


    The fantastic music education program at Oyster Bay culminates with Mr. Matthew Sisia who has the OBHS Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble performing at a professional concert level. 


    Ms. Elinor Zayas did a wonderful job as accompanist for several of the concerts.


    Of course, the OBEN Jazz Fest on the front lawn of the high school has been a wonderful community event.  It was a spectacular evening.  Kudos to Mr. Devassy, Mr. Sisia, and Mr. Rufa. 


    On behalf of the Fine and Performing Arts Department and the entire OBEN School District, we wish you a happy and healthy summer season and invite you to begin the break by singing. In case you have forgotten the words, here they are:



    (The Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School Song)

    Words and Music by Robert M. Stern

    By the bay it stands

    With its arms stretched open wide,

    It’s the Roosevelt School

    That makes our faces beam with pride.

    Onward and upward

    We stand beside our school.

    Our memories will last

    As we dearly think of you.

    It’s inside your halls

    That we’re guided every day,

    All along your sturdy walls

    We see our schoolwork on display.

    Here’s to all! Here’s to all

    Who make our school so grand.

    Together we are strong

    As we all work hand in hand.

    Oh your spirit shines

    Like a star high up above,

    All the time we’ve spent here

    It fills our hearts with so much love.

    Roosevelt, Roosevelt

    The school that’s by the bay,

    Has taught us all so well

    That we’ll never lose our way.


    Vernon School Song

    Words and music by Louis Costidis, Lauren Macy, Joe Devassy, and the students of the James H. Vernon School

    We’ve known each other for so long

    When we respect each other we can get along

    Friendships we’ve made will always stay

    All day, every day, we’ll find our way

    Vernon School, best school in the nation

    Where bulldogs rule, and give cause for celebration

    Purple and gold so dear that we hold

    Day by day, near Oyster Bay

    It’s time we found out who we are

    Parents and teachers they can take us very far

    We learn to balance work and play

    All day, every day, we’ll find our way


    And as we look ahead we’ll see

    We all will strive to be the best that we can be

    Our hearts will be near Oyster Bay

    All day, every day, we’ll find our way



    We are the Pearls of Oyster Bay

    Words and Music by Tom Gould

    We are the Pearls of Oyster Bay

    The boys and the girls

    Have found their way

    Beaming with pride

    From day to day

    Yes, we are the Pearls of Oyster Bay

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