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    Striving for Excellence in Education                          Volume 11, Issue 36, 6-2-2017

  •  Lion King Jr.


    Vernon Theater is Back with a Roar


    Thanks to the OBEN Board of Education, a Vernon Play was added to the 2016-17 budget. The Lion King Jr. was scheduled for Thursday, February 16.  The plan was for the cast to be coached for the singing parts by Mr. Lou Costidis and prepped for their lines by Ms. Teriann Chiappardi and Ms. Britany Ford in the months leading up to the play.  A professional theater group was slated to come in for the last week to ready the cast and crew for the production. However, due to two snow days being used during the last week before the play, the production had to be moved to Friday, April 28.  The professional theater group could not make the new date, so the entire production fell on the shoulders of...


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  • 3rd Grade Wax Museum  


    Third Grade Wax Museum: Another Great Innovation in Teaching     


    On Tuesday, May 18 family and friends were invited to the James H. Vernon School Third Grade Wax Museum. “Wax” figures came alive with the touch of a button.  Third graders portrayed famous figures from history, sports and entertainment.  When the button was pushed each character would animate and share biographical information about their character.  The museum opened at 12:30 pm.  Every ten minutes tour guides (classroom teachers) ushered attendees to the next exhibit throughout the entire third grade wing.  The students worked hard and were very excited to show off their...


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