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  • Vernon 4th Graders Follow in the Footsteps of Theodore Roosevelt


    The fourth graders at the Vernon School also learned about their environment.  As part of a federal pilot grant acquired by The Audubon Society and the Theodore Roosevelt Sanctuary, the 4th graders participated in classroom workshops and open research projects.


    The Theodore Roosevelt Sanctuary & Audubon Center, located in Oyster Bay, was established in 1923 as the first Audubon Songbird Sanctuary in the nation. Twelve acres were donated by W. Emlen and Christine Roosevelt in memory of their cousin, the late Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th President of the United States. The Sanctuary's original purpose was to provide a protected environment for songbirds whose populations were declining due to habitat loss. Today, it is a vibrant resource offering a wide variety of activities, including environmental education, wildlife research, and conservation advocacy.


    In January, an educator from the Audubon Center provided four hands-on biological experiments to each fourth grade class at the Vernon School.   In preparation for their fieldwork at the Theodore Roosevelt Sanctuary, students learned about adaptations, migration, bird songs and bird identification.  Students' work culminated in a visit to the Sanctuary in May where students participated in a large-scale open study of bird populations and are asked to recognize long-term trends and potential environmental factors leading to those trends.


    One of Theodore Roosevelt’s passions was conservation.  The Vernon fourth graders under the guidance of Vernon Art Teacher Ms. Karen Crowley, designed their own signs to promote the conservation of bird life in Oyster Bay.


    The Audubon Society selected the winners for the bird sign contest.  They would like to thank everyone for their participation as well as let the students know that they selected winners with great difficulty due to the high quality of all of the entries.


    The winners will be having their designs turned into actual signs for waterfront parks in the Town of Oyster Bay.  


    Some of the Black Skimmer designs were forwarded to the Town of Hempstead for consideration as signs for some of their waterfront parks, such as Lido beach, where they are working to protect the Black Skimmer population.    


    Audubon Society Contest Winners are:

    Adrian Kim- Ms. O’Connor/Mr. Larke 

    Hayden Mentzinger- Ms. O’Connor/Mr. Larke

    Steven Wulforst- Ms. Link

    Jade Cody- Ms. Link

    Lauren Pinnock- Ms. Griffin

    Grace Egan- Ms. Ghicas

    Alexa Laurencon- Ms. Griffin

    Anastasia Sakellis- Ms. O’Connor/Mr. Larke

    Ella Readon-Rizzo- Ms. Griffin

    Amelia Scamell- Ms. Ghicas


    Honorable Mentions:

    Camila Cerda Constanzo, Ms. O’Connor

    Elyse Corey, Ms. Horch

    Jordan Moran-Fuentes, Ms. Griffin

    Madeline "Maddy" Chavez, Ms. Horch

    Marianne Pappalardo, Ms. Ghicas

    Nicoletta Sakellis, Ms. Link

    Nicole Walsh, Ms. Ghicas

    Rebecca Rosario, Ms. O’Connor

    Rose Lindstrom, Ms. Horch

    Efthimios "Themis" Megaris , Ms. O’Connor


    The yellow smiley stickers signify winners, the purple smiley stickers signify honorable mentions, and the green smiley stickers signify designs shared with the Town of Hempstead.






    Scroll down to see all the sign designs.

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    Sagamore Hill


    4th grade field trip


    Sagamore Hill bird watching


    Sagamore Hill porch view


    bird watching


    Copper Beech Tree


    Bird sign design winners


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