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  • Cooling the Earth at the Theodore Roosevelt School


    Mother Nature, Carbon, the Earth, and Polar Bears… Oh My!  Students at Theodore Roosevelt School were in for a treat as teachers kicked off the 8th annual Cool the Earth special assembly geared to teach children about climate change.


    “Cool the Earth” is an innovative, nationwide program that motivates kids and their families to take actions to reduce their carbon footprint.  Through these actions, learning occurs.  Plus, the actions all add up to a large reduction of carbon emissions for the entire community.  OB-EN is part of an elite group of 170 elementary and middle schools that have run the program.  Cool the Earth has kept more than 100 million pounds of carbon from being emitted into the atmosphere.


    Ms. Regina D’Orio, Science and Technology Teacher, introduced the assembly program dressed as Mother Nature and invited some “special guests” to come join her onstage.  Out came our very own Ms. Roseann Davidson as Mama Polar Bear; Principal Tami McElwee, as Koda the Polar Bear Cub; Ms. Penny Koinis as the Earth.  Mr. Brian Agostini entertained as the sneaky villain, Mr. Carbon.  


    The assembly opened as Mama and Mother Nature talked about the causes of Global Warming. 


    Mama and Koda ask the audience for help to learn ways to help Cool the Earth.  The teachers volunteered three tips to help the planet as the Polar Bears searched for "Golden Coupons" through the audience.


    The students learn that they can each help save the polar bear by taking simple actions with their “Cool the Earth” coupons over the next few weeks.


    The assembly was exciting with beautifully designed background scenery by Ms. Stephanie Miley and a fun soundtrack played by Ms. Meagan Finnerty.  The students were so engaged laughing with delight, booing Mr. Carbon while cheering for the polar bears, Mother Earth and Mother Nature.


    “Students are learning responsibility, citizenship and caring for our earth by doing simple things like turning off the water when they brush their teeth.” says Ms. D’Orio.  “They are learning that they really can make a difference!”


    To learn more about the program or take action yourself, please visit the website www.cooltheearth.org.

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