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  • The Kindness Tree Blossoms at Vernon


    Recently Ms. Rogus’ Third Grade Class completed a Social Studies Inquiry Lesson.  The class studied Children’s Rights and the students discovered that many students around the world are having their rights violated.  


    They have learned that some children are forced to work instead of going to school because their families are poor, some children don’t have clean drinking water or food, some don’t have access to healthcare, some are in danger, and some just don’t get the chance to be kids.


    As future humanitarians and great citizens they decided to help.  Ms. Rogus’ students, along with the Vernon Leaders Club, hosted a UNICEF Fundraiser on April 3rd and 4th during lunch periods.  Students purchased a leaf or flower for Vernon’s Kindness Tree for $1.  Over $200 was raised and all money will be donated to UNICEF to help those children in need.


    Vernon’s Kindness Tree is a new addition to a wall in the cafeteria.  It was painted this winter by Ms. Crowley and Ms. Rogus to help spread kindness throughout the school community.  


    “I’m bursting with pride over the kind hearts of the students and how they have taken the initiative to help others.”, said Ms. Rogus about her students. “I’m so happy that Vernon’s Kindness Tree is inspiring students to spread good in the world.”  



    Kindness Tree

  • Kindness Tree at Vernon


    Kindness Tree


    UNICEF Donation Sign


    Kindness Tree 2017

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