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  • Vernon Gets Ancient


    The sixth grade students of the James H. Vernon School each investigated topics from ancient civilizations such as Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, and Greece.  The students worked for seven weeks and became an "expert" on that topic. 


    The topics included King Tut, gods and goddesses, transportation, pyramids, Cleopatra, the Sphinx, mummies, the Great Wall of China, Chinese inventions, Atlantis, Moses and Gilgamesh. 


    The students researched information on their topic, wrote a report and created a relevant project. 


    They dressed up twice (once for the due date of the project and the second time for the parents) in Egyptian attire.  Each student presented their findings and project to their class.  When the parents came, the students showed their projects and answered questions about their topic and project. 


    The celebration also included Egyptian, Chinese, and Greek foods.

  • Ancient Civilizations Project


    Ancient Civilizations Project


    Ancient Civilizations Project

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