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  • P.A.R.P. Invites Children and Parents to “Catch a Dragon by the Tale.”


    The greatest gift a parent can give to their child is time spent reading together.  Pick a Reading Partner (P.A.R.P.) is a program sponsored by the OBEN Elementary PTA and designed to foster a lifelong love of reading in children. It also hopes to strengthen the family bond. One of the ways it does this is by encouraging parents, guardians or friends to read at home with their children for at least 15 minutes per day.  The PTA has been recognized as the Nassau Region PTA PARP Award winner for their dedicated PTA unit that promotes literacy for children and their parents and for creating a program to help children learn the joys of reading.  The great participation by administrators and families was noted as well as the “go green” initiative of using the school website. 


    This year the PTA has enthusiastically launched another Spring PARP program that follows in the award winning tradition. This spring’s theme is “Catch a Dragon by the Tale.”  


    Learning to read is the single most important activity in a child’s education.  In 1987, the New York State PTA assumed the lead of the PARP program.  Since then, PARP committee volunteers have worked to emphasize the importance of a reading partnership between the home and the school.  Children look to their parents as role models.  They will learn from them the importance of reading for both information and fun.  In addition, reading at home serves to supplement the excellent reading programs currently used in our schools.  By working together, parents and teachers can surely give our children a wonderful gift – the love of reading.


    The Spring 2017 P.A.R.P. celebration wrapped up on March 31 with a "Read-In."  PTA members volunteered to share dragon/fairy tale themed books, crafts and snacks with all the classes.


    Other events during the Spring PARP included “Buddy Reading” Day and “DEAR Time (Drop Everything and Read)” Day where students partnered up with children from other classes and shared books together. “OBEN loves to Read!” where students are encouraged to Open a Book Every Night. 


    On “Read my T-Shirt ” Day,  students were asked to wear any shirt with words on it, such as a favorite sports team, singer’s name or silly phrase.  The goal is to see how many people can read it.


    Ms. Jeanne Laurita and Ms. Jenefer Fernandez coordinated the activities. 


    This celebration of reading isn’t just for school.  There are ways that parents can join the fun. The easiest way is to read to and with your children on a regular basis. Below are some recommended techniques parents can use to teach children that reading is valuable and enjoyable.  These ideas can help promote reading among children of all ages:


    Set a good example as a reader. Let kids see you reading every day.


    Get a subscription in your child’s name to an age-appropriate magazine. When relatives and others ask for gift ideas, suggest magazine subscriptions, books, or a bookstore gift certificate.


    Make reading fun. This should be a time that you and your children look forward to spending together.


    > Check out The Read-Aloud Handbook, by Jim Trelease and Reading Magic, by Mem Fox. These books are loaded with fun tips and reading recommendations.


    Keep lots of books, magazines, and newspapers around the house. Visit the library often and shop for books at garage and yard sales, swap meets, and used bookstores.


    The OBEN PTA’s P.A.R.P committee thanks you for support in passing the love of reading on to your child.


    Look for the PARP Logo on the website and click on it for PARP information.

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  • Catch a Dragon by the Tale - Spring PARP 2017


    Catch a Dragon by the Tale - Spring PARP 2017


    Catch a Dragon by the Tale - Spring PARP 2017


    Catch a Dragon by the Tale - Spring PARP 2017


    Catch a Dragon by the Tale - Spring PARP 2017


    Catch a Dragon by the Tale - Spring PARP 2017


    Catch a Dragon by the Tale - Spring PARP 2017


    Catch a Dragon by the Tale - Spring PARP 2017


    Catch a Dragon by the Tale - Spring PARP 2017

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