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    In early March the Oyster Bay High School Gymnasium was buzzing with innovation and experimentation as the OBHS Science Department hosted the annual 7th Grade Science Fair.


    The Supervisor of the Science and Technology Departments, Ms. Janna Ostroff said, “In reflection, I want the community to recognize the creativity and depth of learning that were celebrated at the Science Fair.”


    OBHS Science Teacher Mr. Stephen Acquaro said, “Those that won are going to be invited to participate in the Nassau County Science Fair in June. This was their time to showcase their hard work and dedication to curiosity. The kids did a great job.” 


    Each 7th grade science class earned individual honors by period and major awards were given to over-all winners.


    The winners were:


    Period 2:


    3rd place:  What is the best material to build skyscrapers out of? (John Vespe)


    2nd place:  Electromagnetic Pulse Generator “Silent Bass Line” (Matthew Carlinsky and

    Felix Christensen)


    1st place:  How Oil Spills Affect Marine Wildlife? (Obed Rubio and Dakota Matt)


    Period 5


    2nd place:  Gum and Its Germs (Karaline Zaverdas)


    1st place:  The Science of Creativity (Michaela Lester (period 5) and Holly Schadler (period 8))


    Period 6


    3rd place:  Counting the Rainbow (Reid Bahnik)


    2nd place:  Memory (Rachel Singer)


    1st place:  Age Versus Reflect (Leo Rezza)


    Period 8


    3rd place:  The Effects of Smoking Tobacco Cigarettes Versus E-Cirgarettes (Emma Kelly)


    2nd place:  How Does Color Affect Memory Compared to Black and White (Bridget



    1st place:  Does the Golden Ratio Determine How People Perceive Beauty? {Khan



    Period 9


    2nd place:  Do Filters Effect What Color People See (Angelina Pavlovic)


    1st place:  Impacting Emotions (Mary Vera (5) and Giana Murphy {9))


    District Awards


    People's Choice Winner - "Would a food reward or a phrase train a dog better?"   Carley Doyle


    3rd place:  Which Dog Breed is The Smartest? Ariana Bellio


    2nd place:  Want to Try My Drinking Fountain? Kevin Biggiani


    Most Innovative: Can a Gas Deposit Under the Ocean Capsize a Boat? Nathaniel Vee


    1st place:  Shining the Light on Tardigrade Reproduction, Taylor Hall

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