•  BOE 2-7-2017


    The OBEN District Presents a Proposed 2017-18 Budget that is Less than the Allowable Tax Cap


    The Oyster Bay East Norwich Board of Education held its monthly Business meeting on Tuesday, January 17 at 7:30 pm in the OBHS Library.  The audience was led in the Pledge of Allegiance by Theodore Roosevelt School 2nd grade student, Nina Ballone.


    Superintendent of Schools Dr. Laura Seinfeld began her report by encouraging all Nassau County residents to Vote at BOCES on February 8th.  BOCES is looking to purchase the Carmen Road School and needs the approval.  Click here to read all about the proposal and please, plan on voting on February 8. Also this Friday the Chipotle restaurant in Hicksville is working in conjunction with the OBHS Class of 2019 to invite you to dine at that restaurant on Friday, February 10.  50% of the proceeds on that day will go to the Class or 2019.  Click here for details.


    The Director of the Fine and Performing Arts Department Mr. Peter Rufa was called to the podium to introduce the community to the many All-County musicians currently performing at the Vernon School and at Oyster Bay High School.


    Mr. Rufa said, “The opportunity to learn about the arts and to perform as artists is an essential part of a well-rounded curriculum and complete education.  The arts help students explore realities, relationships and ideas that cannot be conveyed simply in words or numbers.  The arts engender innovative problem solving that students can apply to other academic disciplines while at the same time, provide experience working as a team.


    Former U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, states ‘Education in the arts is more important than ever.  In the global economy, creativity is essential.  Today's workers need more than just skills and knowledge to be productive and innovative participants in the workforce.  To succeed today and in the future, America's children will need to be inventive, resourceful and imaginative.’


    The research on this is clear.  Students who participate in the arts perform better in school, develop stronger problem solving skills and learn to collaborate with others toward a common goal.  I would like to thank Ms. Finnerty, Mr. Costidis, Mr. Devassy, Ms. Macy, Mr. Giannetta, Ms. Kozee and Mr. Sisia for all they have done to instill the love of music into the hearts of our students.  I extend an even greater thanks to you our parents, you have encouraged your children to participate and explore music and in doing so have open your children’s hearts and ears to a whole new language which they can now use to communicate with.  To our Board of Education and Central Administration thank you for recognizing the value or these programs and understanding how deeply they impact a child’s life.  But most importantly, congratulations to our All-County students.  Through your hard work, practice and dedication, you demonstrated to packed houses at the Tilles Center how beautiful and harmonious life is when you work together to make beautiful music.”   


    OBHS All-County Music 2017


    Vernon All-County Music 2017


    OBEN has thirty students honored with All-County status.  From the Oyster Bay High School, they are: Anabella Ballone, Michael Biggiani, Victoria Carchietta, Kate Devereaux, Kevin Duke, Eliot Fumante, Taylor Hall, Emma Ingoglia, Colette Kilfoil, Emily Lattanzio, James Peitz, and Kyra Tischler.


    From the James H Vernon School, they are: Franchesca Alejo, Aurora Aschettino, Ciara Barefoot, Amanda Cerda Constanzo, Valerie Cotto, Grace Curry, Christopher Dean, Ania Kelly, Leigh Nathan, Jayden Romano, Michael Sabatello, Kyra Sansone, Sophia Sattar-Reiss, Kaitlan Thomas, Gabriela Torres, Estefanny Ulloa, and Julianna Wilson.


    James H. Vernon School Principal Ms. Valerie Vacchio and the Supervisor of Social Studies, Career Technologies, & Service Learning Mr. Joseph Pesqueira came to the podium to introduce the Board and Community to the finalists of the National Geographic Bee.


    The Vernon School finals were: Richard Baugh, Colin Campbell, Ryan Capone, Joseph Frobey, Paul Passarelli III, Matthew Piechuckie, Elijah Porter, Jayden Romano, Paige Sweeney, and Eleanor Underberg. 


    Geography Bee Finalists


    Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Dr. Lisa Mulhall announced that the OBHS Robotics Team is headed to the Long Island Championships. 


    Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations Michael Cipriani addressed continued the 2017-18 Budget process with Presentation number 3 concerning Revenue and Expenditure Budgets and Capital Reserve Projects. 


    The Budget vote will be on Tuesday, May 16 at Oyster Bay High School.  All Budget information including registration and absentee ballot information can be found on the District website at http://obenschools.org/domain/29. 


    The next Board of Education meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 7 at 7:30 pm in the OBHS Library.  The topics scheduled for discussion at the meetings can be found on the website at http://obenschools.org/Page/324.  All are welcome.






    The National Geographic Bee



    Mr. Cipriani’s Revenue and Expenditure Budgets and Capital Reserve Projects - 2017-18 Budget Preview Presentation



    The BOCES vote on February 8 to purchase the Carmen Road School



    OBHS Class of 2019 & Chipotle Fundraiser information